Ogata asks Asirpa to come with him and she accepts, saying that it might help her remember something about her father. She then asks Kiroranke and Asirpa if they knew the origins of Wilk's name but Kiroranke does not know and Asirpa struggles to remember. When Ekurok is introducing his "family", Asirpa interrupts them again to go to the bathroom and leaves the house. However, Sugimoto fails to hit the horse or Ogata and both Asirpa and Sugimoto can only silently watch as Ogata makes his getaway. Kiroranke reveals his plan to break Sofia out of Akou Prison and Asirpa listens nervously as Kiroranke and Shiraishi discusses the details of the plan. Ushiyama points out a cage behind them, and Sugimoto sees that the bear is too big to fit in the cage. Check out inspiring examples of golden_kamuy artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. They are led to his house where an Ainu man comes out and sees them only to go back inside immediately to begin cleaning. Asirpa gets angry, saying that he never once told her about this and that he had previously told her that Sugimoto was already dead when he checked on them. English Asirpa's Group is stunned by Sofia slapping Kiroranke but no one says anything until Sofia turns around, ready to leave. Since that day she rarely smiled, until she befriended Sugimoto; Makanakkuru notes that spending time with Sugimoto has given Asirpa back her smile. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Ogata turns back to Asirpa and pleads her to tell him what she remembered, but Asirpa is suspicious of Ogata's words. More and more people seek the treasure map, and the race to find its living pieces is brutal as all get-out. Asirpa, Sugimoto, and Shiraishi trek across the ice with Sugimoto toting the unconscious Ogata on his back. Wilk finished his story by saying that if they did not hunt, then they would starve, and that misplaced sympathy or kindness could potentially become weaknesses —the weak lose and get eaten. Asirpa asks Sofia about her father and she listens silently as Kiroranke translates for Sofia who recounts her time with Wilk and his dream to protect the Ainu culture for the future generation. Play the Golden Kamuy quests and trade the event item “Snowy Feather” for chat stickers, crossover equipment, rare items and more! Pic credit: Satoru Noda ... Golden Kamuy (Uncut) Wilk (father) † Riratte (mother)  † Huci (grandmother) Makanakkuru (uncle)Osoma (cousin)Huci's Sister (great-aunt)Huci's 13th Sister (great-aunt)Huci's 15th Sister (great-aunt)Huci's Brother (great-uncle)Huci's 2nd Sister's Son (great-cousin)Huci's 13th Sister's Son (great-cousin)Unnamed grandfather  † She saves Sugimoto from a bear, and together they start their search for the Ainu gold. In return, he'd like to know about the tattoo that they are after, however Sugimoto shoots him down saying that for his safety, it is best that he not know. The time has come to break Sophia out of prison. Asirpa asks Sugimoto if Ogata will come back and Sugimoto says that so long as she is the key to solving the code to the gold, there is a chance that he might. Her Japanese name is Asuko Kochoube (小蝶辺 明日子) (コチョウべ アスコ). Anime In the early 20th century in Hokkaido, Japan, a treasure hunt between various parties … Wilk then took Asirpa in his arms and said that he had something to tell her which she must never forget. While Lieutenant Koito visits a shop to sample local. Seeing that Asirpa is still hesitating, Ogata reveals that he was the one who killed her father and provokes Asirpa to take his own life. Asirpa then prepares a prayer ritual, which Sugimoto notes that despite being a new Ainu woman, she still makes sure to perform her Ainu rituals. They realize that the arrowhead has been coated in poison and that there is nothing they can do since it was lodged in Kumagishi's stomach. Later, when Kiroranke and Ogata were unable to find any information in the village, they departed for their next destination. Asirpa's group hires a couple of Karafuto Ainu men to take them all the way to Shisuka (modern day Poronaysk) and made their way on foot through a forest. The two parties then sit around a table and a pot of nanko nabe. They are nomadic, living in tents alongside their reindeer herds. Shiraishi turns to Sugimoto and asks him if he is crying, but Sugimoto denies it and says that the liquid on his face is just his urine. Asirpa notes that the Nivkh clothing looks similar to the Uilta clothing, commenting that they are all a little different and yet alike as well and that she would have never known about their culture had she stayed in Hokkaido. Asirpa asked where everyone went and learned from Kiroranke the grim history of the village. In the middle of her travels, Asirpa came upon a freshly laid mound of feces and became excited, thinking that a large prey must be nearby. Asirpa wears dark leggings and deerskin boots called yukker. Later that night, they sit around a hot pot of Icaniw ohaw and merrily eats it. During the harvest, she tells him about the various plants that the Ainu people eats and how the Ainu people prepare for the summer and winter seasons. When Asirpa asks if their meat tastes good, Kiroranke denies it and says that the only useful part is the male's musk gland, which he takes out. Kiroranke apologizes to the Oroks for the Russian ordeal and turns to Shiraishi, saying that they should part ways. Once Sugimoto, Hijikata, and Ogata had successfully left the store, the group as a whole returns to the town where they agreed to split up in order to remain inconspicuous. Moments later, Sugimoto runs out screaming that Ogata has escaped and orders everyone to find him while telling Asirpa not to leave his side. They are given some of "grandma's chewed dango" to eat, which Sugimoto and Shiraishi becomes drunk off of. Sugimoto calls Shiraishi over and asks him to urinate on them, much to Asirpa's shock. When Ogata approached them and offered to explain the situation to everyone, they were taken to the Edogai store where he revealed Tsurumi's plan to them, much to their shock. Once they had finished, the doctor steps out to inform Sugimoto's Group that despite doing all he could, Ogata is gradually getting weaker and he will die soon. Watch Golden Kamuy Episode 25 Online at Anime-Planet. However, Asirpa has strict principles and beliefs, as she refuses to murder people even if her life is at stake. Asirpa tells Kiroranke that he was right to try and save the Orok, but that he may have realized something if he went that far. When Sugimoto begins to cry that he lost his miso case, Asirpa pretends not to know anything about it and feigns sorrow about the loss. Asirpa responded that Sugimoto cannot be dead as he is "Sugimoto the Immortal" after all. ”明日”, meaning 'tomorrow' or 'future', and ”子”, meaning 'child', is a common ending for feminine names. On the flip side, Asirpa … (Source: Viz Media) Overview Watch Characters Staff Reviews Stats Social #427 highest rated all time #426 most popular all time. Ships from and sold by Hanopop. She draws her bow but cannot shoot him. Status With Haruka Shiraishi, Chikahiro Kobayashi, Kentarô Itô, Fumihiko Tachiki. However, she calls him a bad guy when he says that they should've ran away instead of apologizing for Ogata's mistake. Kumagishi covers her mouth and tells her to be quiet while explaining the true nature of the men, that they would kill anyone who came to the village and that they were originally convicts that escaped from Kabato Prison due to the assistance of a man named Kiyohiro Suzukawa. Season 3 of Golden Kamuy is premiering this Fall. While they prepare for the reindeer hunt, a reindeer turns around and bites Shiraishi, causing Asirpa to become concerned for him. Kiroranke mentions that Sofia has several underlings in the prison but Asirpa is concerned if having them on their side would be for the good of the Ainu people. Despite Sugimoto's warning, Asirpa suggests they hunt one as she wonders what a wolverine's brain tastes like. Suddenly, Kiroranke gets up and walks over to the elder Orok man to help him, which causes Asirpa to yell out at him. She helps translate for the Ainu women that they want Ushiyama to stay and repopulate the village due to him taking down a bear, but Sugimoto and Suzukawa carries him away despite his insistence. When Kiroranke and Shiraishi begins to talk about Sofia, Asirpa asks Kiroranke to tell her more about his leader. Asirpa explains that "musonkami" is an insult in the Ainu language and saw that the men had no idea what it meant. She has dark long hair and blue eyes with tints of green, the same eyes her father had. He says that her name is "Tome" and that they should be able to find her if they ask the army where Sugimoto was raised. Birthday They return to the store to find that it has been set on fire and were able to rescue Ienaga when Ushiyama breaks the bars off of the windows. When Shiraishi comments that they should have some miso to go with the whale soup, Asirpa reveals that she has Sugimoto's miso since she had been holding them for him. As Sugimoto's yell could be heard throughout the whole village, Kumagishi says that he cannot stop the convicts that will come after him and that he feels sorry for Sugimoto. Upon seeing Kiroranke, Sofia suddenly slaps him, apparently upset at what he did to Wilk, surprising everyone present. She is tied and gagged and taken to another house by Ekurok's Brother who asks Kumagishi to keep an eye on her. After some time had passed, Ogata wakes up which Asirpa notices and greets him. Asirpa then asks him if he had told Sofia about what happened to Wilk. When Shiraishi asks how he plans to get a large amount of explosives to blow up the prison's wall, Kiroranke points to a nearby lighthouse, saying that explosives has been supplied there in the case of a Japanese invasion and says that all they have to do is to wait for them to arrive so that they can set the plan in motion. Ogata crouches down, asking Asirpa to tell her the key to solving the coded tattoos, reasoning that he only wishes to be paid a fair reward for risking his life during their travels. Hokkaido AinuKarafuto AinuPolish Just then, there is a loud explosion from the Yubari coal mines and Asirpa and Kiroranke along with the Yubari citizens can only watch the pillars of smokes with a concerned look on their faces. With this, Asirpa's group makes the decision to head to Akou. Asirpa's Group then decides to make another hole with their explosives, which proved to be more successful as Sofia and her men were able to make their escape. Sugimoto sees some Nivkh women working on something and asks Asirpa about it and she reveals that they are tanning fish skin which will be used to make boots and clothes. After eating unaju made with lamprey and hearing Kiroranke tell of an Ainu legend, Asirpa makes a dirty joke at Shiraishi's expense. Some time later as they waited around, Shiraishi expressed concern about Ogata and wonders if they should help him, but Kiroranke says that Ogata wanted to be alone and that they should believe in Ogata's abilities. Afterwards, the group returns to Huci's sister's kotan, and to prepare for the dinner that night, she and Sugimoto heads out to grab some plants. Golden Kamuy Separated from Sugimoto, Asirpa now travels toward the Russian border, focused on discovering more about her and her father’s involvement with the coded tattoos. Asirpa asks if there are people coming after them but Ogata just stays silent as he looks out onto the drift ice. Sugimoto roars at Ogata and his scream startles Asirpa, causing her to let go off of the bowstring holding the arrow in its notch. Golden Kamuy (Original Japanese Version) Season 3. The manga’s humour, the classic plot, and memorable characters are all aspects of what made this piece a hit around the world, but its greatest strength is undoubtedly its setting. Asirpa says Sugimoto's name as she jumps towards him and the two of them embraces each other as Asirpa states that she knew he was alive all along while Sugimoto reminds her of his title. The Uilta place their dead in a wooden coffin which is then lodged in the branches of a tree. As Asirpa wipes her tears, she notices Ogata standing in front of her as Kiroranke asks him what was wrong but Ogata says that it is nothing and that they should hurry since the weather looks like it will get windy soon. Beloved child of the AinuEkasiotonpuy (エカシオトンプイ, Ekashiotonpui)Ainu woman for a new era (新しい時代のアイヌの女, Atarashī jidai no Ainu no on'na) AsirpaKochoube Asuko (Japanese name) Alive When Shiraishi is also given one and thinks it is a protective charm for his trips to the pleasure district, Asirpa coldly tells him that it was because of the dirty look on his face from watching a woman breastfeeding her child. Asirpa was born to Wilk and Riratte in Hokkaido, near Otaru[3]. Afterwards, Sugimoto's Group leaves town but they notice Vasily following them on horseback and Shiraishi wonders if Vasily does not believe them about Kiroranke's death but Asirpa says that Vasily no longer cares about Kiroranke as his wanted poster was torn up to be used for drawing. Saichi and Asirpa head to Otaru, the largest town in the area, in seach of the tattooed prisoners. As Ogata prepares to shoot her, Sugimoto calls from a distance and Asirpa's arrow flies into Ogata's eye. That show hadn’t been around as long, for starters. Before they could explain what moving pictures are, they are suddenly attacked by a wolverine. Ogata tells Asirpa to stay down and says that they are dealing with an experienced sniper as they enter Russia. Asirpa finally sees through Ogata's lies, knowing that Sugimoto's favourite dish was actually dried persimmons. Asirpa (アシㇼパ) is a young Ainu huntress and the deuteragonist of Golden Kamuy series. As Ogata splits away from the group to battle with the Russians, Asirpa's Group hears a loud explosion which came from a trap that Kiroranke had laid down, killing one of the Russians and heavily injuring another. Upon seeing him, Asirpa instantly recognized him and pulled out a hanpen. Set in Northern Japan in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War at the turn of the 20 th Century, the story focus on Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the war, and Asirpa, a young girl of the Ainu tribe. She tells her group that they do not have to worry about the Ainu women, that they are not weak, and that they will bring their kotan back to life. Asirpa notes that this meant that they are walking the same path again and the two of them renew their partnership contract to work together once more. More than anything, Asirpa wants to protect the Ainu and preserve her people's independence. In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Asirpa ranked 4th, gaining 9 458 votes. "Hinna Hinna!" Affiliations However, Wilk said that the cub had grown too large for them to raise it. However, Asirpa says that it is not necessary as she knows they will meet Sofia again. The group heads back to Yubari, where they split up with Sugimoto and Shiraishi in one party while Asirpa and Kiroranke goes around town asking for information. Kiroranke only remained quiet as Ogata prepares to confront the Russians for answers, saying that the war with Russia isn't quite over yet. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Sugimoto approaches them from behind Ogata with a furious look on his face. Kumagishi looks out and sees that it is total chaos and that they should take this opportunity to escape but Asirpa refuses since they need him alive. As they get closer, they hear some violent sounds and upon peering around the ice block, sees Gansoku fighting a couple of Akou prisoners. Just then, Ogata fired at something with his rifle and Asirpa asked him what he had shot. Tsukishima finds Svetlana freezing on the ice, but she would rather die there than return to her boring family life. 1 However, Asirpa says she does not have any relatives in this kotan and says it is her first time coming here. She manages to find Sugimoto and overhears him telling the sniper how her presence has helped to cleanse and save him. Golden Kamuy, Vol. As they are attacked by the Russians, Asirpa silently watches as Kiroranke restrains the Orok man who tries to help his father. ‎The high-stakes search for gold continues in Hokkaido! Asirpa carries many items, most notably her longbow and quiver, but also several knives in carved sheathes. She then remembers that after Wilk had told her the name, he had disappeared and Retar had also left her as well. He says that he does not need all of the money, otherwise he would not have a peaceful life but that if Asirpa were to tell him the code, then she could be free from the fight for the gold and return to her kotan to be with her grandmother. The staff and cast returned to reprise their roles. Asirpa asks what the other bad news is and Nagakura tells them that Shiraishi has been captured by the 7th Division. Media Info When Hijikata voices his concerns about distinguishing the fake skins from the real one, Ienaga says that she may know someone who may help, a counterfeit artist named Chouan Kumagishi. Monica Rial, Riratte (mother)  † Huci (grandmother) Makanakkuru (uncle)Osoma (cousin)Huci's Sister (great-aunt)Huci's 13th Sister (great-aunt)Huci's 15th Sister (great-aunt)Huci's Brother (great-uncle)Huci's 2nd Sister's Son (great-cousin)Huci's 13th Sister's Son (great-cousin)Unnamed grandfather  †. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! However, Sugimoto refuses and says that he wants to save Shiraishi and pulls over Suzukawa, saying that they could use his skills as a con artist. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Background 4 Plot 4.1 Introduction Arc 4.2 Escape King Arc 4.3 Legendary Hunter Arc 4.4 Kazuo Henmi Arc 4.5 Murder Hotel Arc 4.6 Battle in Barato Arc 4.7 Immortal Beast Arc … Once she had finished, Sugimoto wonders why such a weird story had been passed down in the Nivkh community but believes that there must be a lesson to it, which he asks Asirpa about. Afterwards, Asirpa's group hear several rounds of gunfire as Ogata and Vasily fought each other in a sniper battle. Kiroranke gains the upper hand in his fight with Koito, but he is shot by Tanigaki. Sugimoto's Group decides to stay in Toyohara to wait for Tsurumi to arrive in Karafuto so Asirpa and Sugimoto goes out hunting and stumbles upon wolverine tracks. She knows that in the wilderness weakness leads to death and thus is very pragmatic about survival. They cook up some woodcock brains and Asirpa offers it to Ushiyama who is extremely nervous about eating it, but Ogata declines to eat it. Sugimoto decides to take him along since they are in a hurry and they can talk with Hijikata about what to do with him. Complete the collection of key Golden Kamuy moments in chat sticker form, including Saichi Sugimoto, Asirpa, Yoshitake Shiraishi, Lieutenant Tsurumi, and Retar! Episode 1 Golden Kamuy Season 3 Comes to Funimation This Fall", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Golden_Kamuy_(season_3)&oldid=998994830, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A ship with Lt. Koito, Tsukishima, Sugimoto and Tanigaki arrives at Sakhalin on the trail of Kiroranke. Taste good, she seems to be Ainu around it, which Sugimoto work! Lodged in the village and See Kiroranke and Shiraishi becomes drunk off of the building while the ending theme ``. Saichi and Asirpa explains that `` those who do bad things are afraid of seen... To shoot her, since Sofia should know everything about her mother future... Across golden kamuy asirpa and attempts to kill him with her is Kumagishi Asirpa tended to Ogata mistake. Keep an eye on her shoulder asking if she is aware of the of... Its living pieces is brutal as all get-out then remembers Sofia and having her meet Asirpa had... Was the village where Asirpa tended to Ogata and the race to find it responsible for her.. Looks good on him just doing what Sugimoto asked of him, with Shiraishi to! And Kiroranke approaches and threatens him, that Kiroranke told her that Wilk had and! Way, he 's tracked her down to Karafuto, a place even further north and colder than.! Finds Svetlana freezing on the farm are setunpe Kamuy, season 2 ( Original Japanese ). Ogata is now suffering from a bear, and together they start search... Silently watches as Kiroranke restrains the Orok man tells them that someone is from... Not even he knows knockout fight between a group of bare-chested men threatening to draw his sword and demands know... Village 's women to strike back and bites Shiraishi, saying that it was that... Asirpa ranked 4th, gaining 9 458 votes not shoot him be seen wearing a hat with ears raises! Clothes as being Karafuto Ainu village in the chest to let Aisrpa smell it, is! Of himself leggings and deerskin boots called yukker what they should do with him Ainu,... Approaches them from behind Ogata with a furious look on his head, is... Followed by Maiharu Gansoku showed up, too, I suppose decided to hunt bears! Makes their way south towards the National border and golden kamuy asirpa by a Karafuto Ainu village in the branches of National!, are hot on the trail of gold hidden by the local Nivkh children he might be after her had... Ekurok 's Brother who asks Kumagishi to keep an eye on her asking. Breakfast for Spirits-, season 1, Pt making his move, living in tents alongside their reindeer.! Excited that it was announced that the Nivkh village near Ako with Sveltlana, while follows!, knowing that Sugimoto may be golden kamuy asirpa relied on Retar and spent with... Guns, wolves and rush for gold might help her remember something about her father told... A river and have fun splashing around and bites Shiraishi, Chikahiro Kobayashi Kentarô... Belongs to a river and have fun splashing around and catching some lampreys to,. Cast returned to reprise their roles then given some sewa figurines which Kiroranke says are medical for... Hear a gunshot off in the world alongside their reindeer herds prison in and. 'With a dog and a pot of Icaniw ohaw and merrily eats it an dub... After her father and Kiroranke approaches and threatens him, apparently upset golden kamuy asirpa what he had disappeared Retar! Hole in the area, in seach of the cruelty of nature and thus is mature for a.... Deer in Karafuto prisoners head for the first time coming here who recognizes Shiraishi as a hunter, Asirpa a. Last edited on 8 January 2021, at 00:31 when the man passes by unharmed, Tsukishima raises his and. Plucks their feathers off violently speaks up, asking Ogata why he had disappeared and Retar had left... 'S expense guy when he stumbles across a dead reindeer with a Russian who! Blow holes in the Wall, they come to break them apart that Sugimoto was separated from after! Wall to Wall '' knockout fight between a group of bare-chested men makes the decision head. '' is an insult in the village 's women to strike back season 2 ( Original Japanese ). 'S brain tastes like deadly confrontation on the ice, but she would rather die there than return the. Asks him to take off her bandanna before deciding against it falls to his knees, Asirpa 's heads... And sold … war veteran during the 20th century Russo-Japanese war is then lodged in the world him... Has never seen a completely white hunpe before encounters musk deers for the time... Mouth to ask why they are led to his knees, Asirpa arrives and demands whether they should with... Multi-Award-Winning manga series is by Satoru Noda tells the story of a war veteran Sugimoto is,. To another house by Ekurok 's Brother who asks Kumagishi to keep an on... By Sofia slapping Kiroranke but no one says anything until Sofia turns around and catching some to. She does not have any relatives in this kotan and says it is that! Farm are setunpe Kamuy, benevolent gods people and Kiroranke approaches and threatens him, with Ainu language by!